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To request training on how to use e-learning technologies in your sessions - e-mail Nila Patel ex 7626

To request any development session in any area of academic practice please e-mail Nila Patel ex 7626 and we will try to meet it. 

To request a one to one about any area of your teaching or academic practice e-mail Nila Patel who will book a session with a appropriate member of the APD team

Accredited programmes PGCert and MA

To request more information about the Post Graduate Certificate in Education – e-mail Pam Thompson ext 7152

To request more information about the MA in Education Practice – e-mail Martin Watson  ex 7266

Further resources to enable you to improve your teaching and support student learning can be found at

Academic Professional Development Unit Website -  Homepage Internet
APD Homepage

Information for new academic staff – (APD website)
APD academic staff information

Open Programme – free development sessions for full-time and part-time academics from all disciplines at DMU
APD Open Programme information

Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching
APD PG Cert HE information

Vice Chancellor Distinguished Teaching Awards top tips  - Lecturers who have been voted excellent teachers by students

APD Top Teaching Tips information

Peer Observation information
APD Peer Observation information

Teacher Fellows

NTF Group Poster 2006 pdf

National Teacher Fellow James Atherton’s sites on Learning and Teaching

learning and teaching information